Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kelin (2009) - Ermek Tursunov


Kelin (2009) - Ermek Tursunov

A woman is led by her family to her new husband's home, to live with, presumably, his elderly mother and younger brother. Despite being forced into the marriage, she discovers that he is not such a bad catch after all but domestic bliss does not last long. A product of the up-and-coming Kazakhstani film industry, this dialogue-free historical family drama about a young girl’s sexual awakening and subsequent arranged marriage uses its vivid images to evoke some of the primal power of silent cinema. It’s a beautiful-looking film with a keen sense of atmosphere — and bonus points for the downright Popol Vuh–esque musical score. Still, there’s something about the dialogue-free style that keeps these characters distant. At least silent film characters had the benefit of intertitles.

Country: Kazakhstan
Language: None

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